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A Man's Cry for Health-A holistic look at a man's mental, physical, and spiritual health from a woman's perspective
Toni Hickman, author

The intuitive and empathic author and survivor Toni Hickman is back again with another bestselling book, “A Man’s Cry for Health,” which dives into the different concepts of the mental, physical, and spiritual health of man from a woman’s perspective. As Toni has channeled her higher source to write the spiritual details of this book, the message of spirit comes from a comfortable place that will resonate with each reader. Toward the end of the book, Toni invited some of her greatest male friends to tackle questions about women, health, and more. ‚Äč

Some of the topics covered are: Erectile Dysfunction, Depression, Fathers, Diet & Disease, Herbs and Food for Disease, The Ego,Suicide And More..

“Our health is the most important gift we have, but with everything we decide to consume, we are either preparing our body for more life, or preparing the body for death.”~Alika Lesson