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A Manager's Guide to Unleashing the Intrapreneur
Millennials desire to be autonomous, be creative, and live meaningful lives. But because current company landscapes impede on that, their career is driven elsewhere, to companies that support their priorities. Companies that welcome and provide Millennials intrapreneurial opportunities entice employees to stay and help the company move forward. Millennials will dedicate futures to companies that stake their confidence in and allocate resources to them. The future of corporate America belongs to the individuals and the companies that embrace the idea of the intrapreneur. This book is about helping managers establish and promote intrapreneurship in their organization to help them generate new business growth, support and sustain innovation, as well as accelerate and manage change as the workplace transforms to adapt to address the needs and desires of Millennial employees. This book provides examples of real companies that have already successfully implemented the practices discussed in the book. These companies share their experiences and successful outcomes that have resulted by implementing Millennial friendly practices.