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Chloe Love has quit her job as a probation officer and has funded the startup of a Marina del Rey, California matchmatking business, By Invitation Only, with the limited proceeds from her mother's estate. Unfortunately, dear old mom has left a ticking time bomb in the form of $35,000 in back taxes. A client willing to pay big bucks for her services offers Chloe a way out of her financial troubles, but there's a catch. Alexis used to be Alex. While Chloe's never worked with a transsexual before, she manages to find a candidate for the leggy-blonde research physicist. Everyone's happy until the candidate turns up dead in Alexis' bed, strangled. Now the police suspect Alexis of murder, but Chloe isn't so sure. Her investigation leads her into a dangerous world where jihadists and counterterrorism agents vie for a new generation of nuclear weapons and no one can be trusted. As the murders pile up, Chloe has to wonder if an IRS payment plan would have been a better solution for her money woes.