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A Movable Marriage
In her early forties, Tricia Pimental has everything she ever wanted: beautiful children, a lovely home, and in her new marriage, the romance of a lifetime. She soon realizes, however, that she and her husband are at odds over one critical issue. She is a homebody. He is a nomad. So begins the never-ending journey. The author crisscrosses North America, relocating on an alarmingly regular basis. Along the way she meets an imposing cast of characters, from a gun-slinging landlord to cowboy weathermen to television super star Regis Philbin. She lives in a bat-infested New Hampshire log cabin—resembling an abandoned Spanish galleon—and voyages on the legendary Venice-Simplon Orient Express. A Movable Marriage is a funny and poignant look at the adventure known as married life, and a tribute to the wisdom of perseverance. Come along for the ride. No passport required.