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A Murder in 2079

Children/Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

The year is 2079. Humanity has begun a new era by discovering the journey beyond the speed of light. Robots are now a part of current life, all manufactured under the supervision of the United Nations in accordance with Isaac Asimov's 3 robot laws. Colonies are established in space. On one of them, the planet Icarus B, where precious metals are extracted, a murder is committed. It's a robotic murderer. Although Asimov's laws were clearly stated in the mind of the robot, the fact that it committed this act made the authorities think that there was a human behind its actions. The planetary administration appeals to the United Nations Space Police Division to resolve this murder. The department's senior detective, Harry Mortimer, and his assistant, Scott Yvensen, go to Icarus B to solve the murder. But a secret hand that does not want the murder to be resolved intervenes.