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A Plague On Both Your Houses
ian porter, author
It’s 1918. The German Home Front is struggling. People are hungry and angry. In comparison, the introduction of rationing proves a great boon to morale in Britain. And just in time too because a deadly flu virus has arrived. In the East End of London, Mr & Mrs Nash have not bought into the war. He’s a tough ex-villain who hides conscientious objectors. She helps run a nursery, soup kitchen and toy factory as well as badger officialdom to give more help to people. And as an ex-Suffragette she knows how to circumvent the law when it suits her. In the East End of Berlin, a nurse, a farmer, a black marketer, a soldier and a rich woman with a chauffeuse are all woven together as the Germany Home Front starts to collapse into starvation, retribution and rioting. Germany can’t fight the British, the flu and themselves. It’s a fast paced page-turner, full of action and personal relationships, as the two stories and the people of two countries come together to solve a huge problem the war and the flu has created.