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A Rainy Day On Wall Street
John Sealey, author
A controversial story of contemporary themes exploring eroticism romance, sexuality, materialism, self-liberation, exploring the lives of two richly layered characters from opposite ends of the political spectrum. Jessica, originally from England, in her early twenties, attractive with a sexy cheeky face, and Matt Jarratt, in his early forties, good looking, married to Audrey who is very house proud, keeping the house spotless and clinical to the point it is almost impossible to feel comfortable in. Matt is a partner in her father’s financial management company with prestige offices on Wall Street. Matt is also being groomed as a potential Republican candidate for the Senate. Jessica is a rebel who thinks everything is wrong in the world, particularly corporate greed and the banking system and with her group of equally friends join protestors already gathering around Wall Street. As their demonstration gets under way, the weather changes and it begins to rain. As the rain becomes heavier, Jessica and her friends seek shelter in one of the plush prestige office buildings. Security immediately tries to evict them, but they stand their ground, and give security the run around. One of the security guards chases after Jessica managing to grab her by the ankle. She falls just as Matt comes out of the elevator. Fearful she could sue the company for injury, he offers her a lift to wherever she lives. She accepts, but insists he also gives a lift to her friends as well. Matt agrees to drive them to Greenwich Village. Dropping Jessica off last, she invites Matt up, but he is uneasy as he has to get home for a dinner engagement. Jessica manages to persuade him, but he is unnerved by the rundown apartment together with her frank and outrageous behavior, using expletives in almost every sentence. However he is fascinated by her and searches her out the next day in the thrifty shop she runs. He invites her to lunch at his exclusive club where she continues to behave outrageously. He becomes so infatuated with her that he agrees to work out some excuse to spend the weekend with her. Expecting a weekend of unbridled sex, he is disappointed to discover they are going on a demonstration against a property developer wanting to build on green space land. Caught up in the melee he and Jessica are arrested. However when they return to her flat, Matt experiences sex in a way he could never have possibly imagined. Fired by the experience, he works out another excuse to get away for the weekend only to discover they are going on a camping demonstration to protest against a laboratory that carries out experiments on animals. Matt and Jessica are arrested again and his father in law is furious at the damage it could do to the firm’s reputation as well as the owners of the laboratory who happens to be one of the firm’s biggest clients. Son in law or not, Matt’s partnership in the firm is brought to an abrupt end, as well as his marriage and his political aspirations as his father in law is also chairman of the select committee. Matt however, is discovering a new life, and as the intriguing romantic saga progresses Jessica manages to change Matt’s views on many aspects of corporate greed, banks, politics, war, the homeless, although without realizing it, her own views are also changing. There are many comical, romantic and erotic situations before these two characters sort out their lives.