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A Scorpion's Sting
Pink Maxwell, author

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Tammy has become a successful young woman despite her abusive, tormented past. She thinks it is well behind her and is enjoying life with her newfound love, Mason, until she receives a phone call from Dr. Howard that her Aunt Brenda is now on her deathbed. Brenda desperately wants to reunite with Tammy because she is seeking her forgiveness for the abuse and she wants to reveal a dark secret that will expose the family’s true history. Will Tammy forgive her before she dies and allow her aunt to rest in peace? As she battles this decision, she discovers that her younger sister Leya has many lies and secrets and turns up missing. Tammy soon realizes that her real troubles are inevitable because during the search, her worst nightmare comes true; she crosses paths with danger, and he still holds a deadly vengeance.
Kirkus Review

Maxwell’s debut displays her talent for lyrical prose...An engaging story about love, passion, violence and retribution...remains compelling throughout...