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Paperback Details
  • 05/2014
  • 978-0-9667291-5-3
  • 40 pages
  • $28.95
A Season of Miracles: Artful & Poetic Devotions

Adult; Art & Photography; (Market)

In this delightful vignette of inspiring poems and illustrations, Aliza McCracken shares her faith in the creative process; her love for one another, and her positive spirit.  McCracken's gracious and enlightening prose celebrates the everyday miracles that life can truly offer us.  Enjoy the journey, and stay connected!

Thank you very much for your faithful support.  A portion of proceeds will benefit fine arts, educational, and humanitarian programs.  Together, we are creating a brighter community!

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ISBN 978-0-9667291-5-3   List $29.95,,

Excerpt: Expressions of human kindness create a peaceful melody in our world. - Aliza McCracken

Awareness Magazine

A Season of Miracles is visual poetry for the soul.  A palette of inspirational artistry by Aliza McCracken which embraces life as a true miracle.  These beautiful paintings and uplifting reflections are quite enlightening.  Rarely does a person express the connection between art and spirituality in such an accessible way.  Aliza brings forth a unique awareness of the infinite possibilities.

Bakersfield College

Thank you for your time.  Your work and your words speak volumes as to the wonderful person you are.

Bakersfield Magazine

It is undeniable that life can truly become a thing of genuine beauty through the eyes of an artist, and fewer people are better at expressing this through their chosen mediums than Aliza McCracken.  Her work has been celebrated both locally and throughout the world.

'It is always a joy to share my inspirational art and poetry,' McCracken said.  'My new book expresses life with artistic grace.'

'Love speaks to the heart of creativity.  When we embrace the fine art of living, there can be miracles.'

For the Magazine

This month we are featuring the artist and author, Aliza McCracken.  Her unique and inspiring pieces motivate greatness in us all.

Kern County Family Magazine

Sweet Read . . . Aliza McCracken has come out with a new book, A Season of Miracles.  The book is a collection of poetic devotions and small vignettes layered with beautifully colorful drawings, each intended to enlighten, encourage, and soothe the feathers of those who need a good word in these stressful times of uncertainty and unrest.

'A Season of Miracles has special meaning to my journey,' McCracken said.  'The message is positively encouraging.  You can be assured in knowing that through every season of life, divine love and peace are with you throughout each sacred moment.'

Kindred Spirit Magazine

TOP FESTIVE PICKS . . . MEANINGFUL GIFT: A delightful vignette of inspiring poems and illustrations by Aliza McCracken that celebrates the everyday miracles that life can truly offer. 

Lavonne Schuetz, Educator

Thank you for sending me your beautiful book.  It is lovely and I appreciate your thoughtfulness so very much.  You have been blessed with many gifts and it is wonderful to see how you have used them with love and meaning.  Every page is delightful.  I will read it many times and think of you, and what a loving heart and gentle spirit you must have.

OH! Magazine (Optimum Health)

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The Bakersfield Californian

'The inspirational theme is about living in the moment, while embracing the tapestry of life as a miracle,' McCracken said.

Like her other books, it combines whimsical paintings of flowers, hearts, butterflies and angels with poetic phrases that reflect her philosophy of life.  One that I especially like is: 'Joyful giving enriches our community with infinite possibilities.'  Now that's a message that characterizes a great many individuals who support and encourage fine arts in our schools, museums and nonprofit organizations.

Paperback Details
  • 05/2014
  • 978-0-9667291-5-3
  • 40 pages
  • $28.95