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  • 05/2017
  • 1521025827 B07G4NNCTF
  • 426 pages
  • $4.99
A Shift Toward Prey

On the tidally locked planet of Psyche, humans control the sun-lit sections of the world—and monsters rule the dark.

Century after century, millennia after millennia, the dividing line between these two opposite realms—the Fringe—was thought to be nothing more than a wasteland, a place no living being could possibly survive. But the Fringe has never been a lifeless place, and the shapeshifting, predatory races who call the Fringe home are determined to defend their territory. Even if the greatest threat comes from within.

Centuries ago, the Grand Accord put an end to the constant warfare between the Shifters of the Fringe and the Wytes of the Everdark. The agreement was simple: Shifters don’t kill Wytes in their lands, and Wytes don’t kill Shifters in theirs. But the predators on both sides have been biding their time, waiting for the slightest provocation to justify more bloodshed.

Then forty-five Wolves, found trespassing on Wyte lands, were brutally murdered in cold blood. With both sides crying out for retribution, the already fragile peace threatens to shatter altogether, reigniting a war that will pit Shifter claws against Wyte fangs for the first time in two centuries.

But Wytes aren’t the only monsters in the dark—and they’re not the only predators out for blood. A new threat rises from the north...and it may prove to be everyone’s downfall.

Natalie Allison is a multi-award-winning author!
WINNER: 2017 Literary Classics Book Awards, Gold Award, Fantasy, College Age Category
WINNER: 2018 IPPY Awards, Gold Award, Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror E-Book Category
WINNER: 2017 Global eBook Awards, Silver Award, Best Fantasy-Other Worlds Category
FINALIST: 2018 IAN Book of the Year Awards, Fantasy Category
FIVE-STAR Rating on Reader's Choice Book Awards & Reviews

“A vibrant, compelling and exciting new voice in Paranormal Fantasy fiction.” ~BookViral

“An easy 4 out of 4 stars.”

"Complex, epic, and sensational, A Shift Toward Prey by Natalie Allison is the first book and a stunning opening into the Chronicles of the Fringe series." ~ Reader's Choice Book Awards & Reviews

This daring fantasy debut has teeth, though its multiple threads at times threaten to come undone. Chiari is a member of the Shifter realm; her people are capable of morphing into animals. In both jaguar and human form, she acts as assistant to her sister, Reyhani, who rules over the Shifters with an iron fist. When her sister’s cruelty pushes the Wolf Clan to a breaking point, Chiari joins forces with them in a planned rebellion. Hanging in the balance is an uneasy peace with the vampires, and matters are further complicated by Chiari’s discovery that a group of humans from a faraway kingdom have ventured into the Shifter realm. Chiari and her new allies must hold the three realms in a delicate diplomatic balance before they are plunged into a state of war. There is plenty of promise in Allison’s world, though heavy-handed exposition slows up the pace. When the action picks up in the latter half of the book, Allison’s talent for characterization and intrigue truly shines. With the stage set, fans can look forward to a deeper exploration of Allison’s fantasy landscape in future installments. (BookLife)
2017 Literary Classics Book Awards

(First Edition Review)
A Shift Toward Prey, Chronicles of the Fringe, is an intense and highly charged story of two sisters who are shifters in the land of the Fringe.  Chiari’s sister, Huntress Rehyani, is leader of the regime.  She wields power with heavy-handed control to effectively force the other realms to do her bidding.  But when Rehyani seems bent on ending a long-standing truce with the vampires of the Everdark, Chiari knows something must be done before her people are destroyed.  Conspiracy lurks within the depths of the driving forces behind the ensuing war and Chiari soon learns loyalty is a rare commodity.  She will need to remain guarded to avoid betrayal.  Nonetheless she forces herself to take brave risks as she assembles a team of allies to lead a revolution and ultimately restore peace to her land.   Natalie Allison’s A Shift Toward Prey, is a dramatic work of fantasy fiction which captures readers from the very first highly-charged scene clear through to its resounding finish.  With multi-faceted characters which nearly leap off the pages, and a protagonist who will have readers cheering for her success, this winning book is entirely enthralling and nearly impossible to put down.  A Shift Toward Prey, is recommended for home and school libraries and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval. 

Book Viral

(First Edition Review)
Our review......Introducing a vibrant, compelling and exciting new voice in Paranormal Fantasy fiction, A Shift Toward Prey proves both creative and entertaining as Allison delivers a spectacular plot with faultless forward momentum. For a new author to deliver something this good in a debut is a rarity but Allison clearly knows how to build a visually complex tale whilst ensuring the definitive devices of the genre are ever present. From concept to execution her narrative is flawless, confidently navigating multiple plot threads, without feeling cumbersome, to create a delightfully dark dance of manipulation as Chiari Jhahn finds herself embroiled in the machinations of power and conflict. Yes, the definitive tropes of the genre are present but it’s a credit to Allison that she manages to add a genuinely disquieting sense of presence whilst retaining just enough restraint in her narrative for the imagination to blossom. Definitely the work of a vivid imagination there is much to commend it with her description of characters and unfolding events being amongst the best you will read as her prose evoke clear images in the mind.

(First Edition Review)
A Shift Toward Prey (Chronicles of the Fringe Book 1) was an easy book to get lost in. The storyline is easy to follow and understand. The setting described by the author, Natalie Allison, was easy to visualize. The variety of glowing plants, moons, landscapes, and sun were beautiful. Even the description of the different architecture was fantastic, and it would be quite an adventure to live in this world.The characters were even more impressive than the scenery. The author described a variety of Shifters, Vampires, and Humans with ease. Each Shifter, while in the animal form, depicted easily a larger version of some of the most common predators we know, but while in Human form, the author also carried over some of their animalistic features. Also, the main character seemed to grow and learn more as the story progressed. Chiari went from being a naïve youngster to an even more knowledgeable young lady. Matthias went from being a shy prince who hovered in the background to fully understanding his need to step up and protect his people. Not only did the two main characters grow, but so did many of the supporting characters, allowing new friendships and bonds to form.I give this novel an easy 4 out of 4 stars. My favorite things about this book were the characters, the scenery, and the storyline. I had trouble finding something I did not like about this novel. I did observe occasional grammatical errors throughout the book, but they were very few and far between and did not detract from the story. My favorite characters were easily Chiari and Matthias. They seemed to balance each other out easily without developing romance.This novel would be perfect for anyone interested in Shifters, Vampires, and Fantasy.

Reader's Favorite Book Reviews & Awards

(First Edition Review)
Complex, epic, and sensational, A Shift Toward Prey by Natalie Allison is the first book and a stunning opening into the Chronicles of the Fringe series. This is a story with powerful characters, creatures of the night and shape-shifters, poised for war. In the Fringe land, the young Jaguar-Shifter named Chiari Jhahn can no longer sit quietly and watch her elder sister, Reyhani Jhahn, lead her kind to certain doom when she knows she can do something about it. Her sister is doing everything to start a war with their old enemy, the Vampires of the Everdark, and the bitter reality is that the vampires are far superior and stronger than them. Now she must do something to stop her sister and avoid the complete eradication of their kind. But who will follow her, at a time when even one’s greatest friends can be their worst enemies; who can she trust?A Shift Toward Prey by Natalie Allison was a wonderful reading experience for me. There is a lot to love in this fantasy, including the fact that the author explains concepts, shifter casts, and offers a relevant glossary before the story. The story itself starts with a controversial discussion, a dramatic event that immediately introduces the reader to the conflict and to the key characters in the story. The conflict escalates pretty quickly and becomes complicated in no time, and the reader is caught up in a race to see how it ends. Allison’s writing is superb, the plot well-imagined and executed skillfully. This is a fast-paced story filled with prolific scenes and intense action. You’ll be transported to an amazing setting to watch awesome action taking place. A very satisfying read! 

A Shift Toward Prey Wins GOLD 2017 Literary Classics Book Awards

SOUTH DAKOTA – The 2017 Literary Classics International Book Award recipients have been announced.  Selected from submissions by entrants around the globe, these distinguished honorees are recognized for their contributions to the craft of writing, illustrating, and publishing exceptional literature for a youth audience.  In this highly competitive industry these books represent the foremost in literature in their respective categories.

The competition this year was tremendous and we congratulate all honorees for their outstanding and inspiring work.  All Silver, Gold and Top Honors award recipients will be invited to attend a writers’ conference, awards ceremony, formal gala, and other related events in Rapid City, South Dakota, to be held in conjunction with the Great American Book Festival, Labor Day Weekend, 2017.

The Literary Classics selection committee is proud to recognize this year’s titles in literature which exemplify the criteria set forth by the Literary Classics selection committee.




A Shift Toward Prey

Natalie Allison 

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