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Anne Warner
Anne Warner, author
Ah, hah...the sign he had been looking for…tall, stately trees … seven of them, all in row, he mused, knowing it was a conquistador, who would have planted them so daringly in such a wild and untamed territory, there they were waiting to be noticed. Must be at least a half of century old, by the looks of them, he thought, could it have been twenty five years ago, he’d found that small map? A historical, drama set in the 1700’s, about a family, rich in history and their love of the west. Beginning in Portugal, two brothers, keepers of the family heirlooms and the secret that had been protected for over two thousand years, explore and collect rare items through Europe. The elder, a scholar of ancient artifacts and collector of all things fine and old…finds a part of the family heritage hidden deep within a series of excavations brought out for sale at an estate auction held near the old city of Jerusalem. The younger, an expert in cartography begins to map the west after arriving in the America’s in the early 1700’s. The families’ legacy, raising purebred Andalusian horses in Portugal which Arman planned to bring with him. Arriving with the valuable shipment, he, over the next twenty years establishes a family gold mine in the mountains. The story now begins with Joachim Cordero, thirty years later, standing near the stand of trees. He, his nephew, Jean Leandre and an English rancher, named Whitaker pursue the writings found in the journal, telling of gold...lots of gold. Upon coming into the mountain valley, which they will call home for the next hundred years, they find the trees, the source of clues. It is here, through a series of adventures, they meet up with four men who would become fast friends. The men find a hidden canyon, which leads them to a large, dry waterfall...and hidden underneath, they find treasure... valuable beyond their wildest dreams…their special meaning, as yet unknown to them The legend of the lost treasure from over 2,000 years before, unravels as these seven charismatic men become the guardians and keepers of the mystery that continues on til this day.