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A Story and The Man
A demanding boss, numerous relationships — some consummated, others not so much — all of them doomed to fail, a childhood marred by academic struggles, a mother liberal with the lashings, and a personal crisis that has the potential to end it all...for our narrator, life has been a journey of highs and lows. Yet, even through the lowest of lows, he has always managed to find his feet again. But will he succeed this one final time? And who’s the mysterious man he’s sought out to provide him with the answer to end all questions? Will the Man’s words be a blessing or will he be yet another curse? Will he truly provide our hero with the cheat sheet he needs to get through the impenetrable darkness he finds himself in? He’s built his life around the dream of climbing to the upper rungs of Society, but will the Man entice him to knock it all down?