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A Striving After Wind Part II
This is the continuing saga of the Winston family, which has been uprooted from their affluent lifestyle in New York City and is now living on a farm in Iowa. In Part I, the reader learned of the siblings’ divergent personalities as they coped with seemingly insurmountable obstacles and conflicts, both internally and politically as the Vietnam War rages on. None of the Winstons expected to share their father’s vision of making the farm succeed, but they have found themselves invested in their new home with loves and dreams of their own.

Part I ended with the first harvest, the culmination of their physical as well as emotional struggle. Now the Winston’s will need to call upon their newly acquired self-reliance as well as family unity to grapple with the tragedies and heartaches of the coming months. They learn that strength not only comes from within but also from the perpetual cycle of nature and the permanence of the land they have come to love.