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This is the first of the three Mr. Halston Mystery Thriller novels that Rothery plans to write and publish. It takes place in the year 1969 in a small island resort community on the New Jersey coast. The story begins with the sale of Mr. Halston's company in Atlanta, after becoming a widower three years prior to the story. He knows he needs something new in his life, and the sale makes him a very wealthy man. He decides to visit the New Jersey coastal town where he spent every summer of his life until he was twenty-three years old, and has not been back since. He stops on the way to visit Danny, his old pal from the Korean War. When that war ended Halston stayed for a while in the US Air Force, but Danny went straight to the CIA. Over the ensuing years, Danny has entangled Mr. Halston in a number of questionable "favors" for the CIA, and it seems he is at it again. There is suspense, romance, and "rock solid action scenes" (Kirkus Review) and "a robust, fast-paced, and hard to put down" story. (Midwest Book Reviews).