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A Toad's Adventure
A Toad's Adverture takes us on a whimsical and rhyming photographic journey into the Lilliputian world of toads, frogs, and treefrogs. In this delightful tale, we follow “Toad” on his adventure from his backyard habitat through the forest to the swamplands to find his cousin “Treefrog.” Join “Toad” on his journey into the unknown and share with him many mysterious encounters. In this adventure we also learn about: protecting the environment and caring for our planet, respect for others different than us, understand the biology of amphibians and the family of frogs, and gain an awareness for the remarkable diversity and beauty of the flora and fauna found everywhere. “Toad’s” cousin, “Treefrog,” provides his thoughtful, and insightful wisdom to help us appreciate Nature. “Toad” also finds a clever and subtle solution to solve his problem when he’s confronted by a bully. There is a surprise ending to the story that everyone should enjoy. 140 pages, 80 full-color photographs of exotic toads, frogs, and treefrogs living in our neighborhoods.