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A Tree With Only One Leaf Volume II
When we last left young Emily, she had managed to put together the pieces of a valuable, precious puzzle that defined her newfound Grandma Car of the very sheriff who had picked her up earlier in the day. Puzzles can have thousands of pieces, but young Emily is determined to put them in their rightful place, even while she is completely uncertain about the end result of her efforts. The harder puzzles can seem daunting, but she is convinced they can still be finished. In fact, such a trial proves good for her mind and soul, for it encourages her to reason through her fear. As time gives way, the young traveler comes to realize that everything she endures will carry her to new heights of maturity and growth, of knowing, and of seeing the world and the people in it—even herself—in a new light. Emily demonstrates this tenacious spirit again in this ex- hilarating volume as she tumbles her way through all the laughter and tears that constituted many real-life paradigms in the 1970s, from the women’s right’s movement to the soldiers returning from Vietnam, and bits of everything in between. Taking no prisoners along the way, Emily discovers her truth: One’s passions and convictions and long-held beliefs and hopes and dreams really do matter. She learns that all of these hold a place in real-life decision-making and dispute resolution. The child grows up right in front of our eyes as she encounters so many new characters, some we will recognize and connect with and others who might just surprise us. The young woman understands how to channel and learn from emotions, to adapt to the situation at hand and engage others successfully. Volume II is dripping with reality and raw emotions, and it will leave you anxious to read the next word, even if you occasionally have to put the book down to shed a tear or enjoy a hearty laugh, found all within the confines of a humble Greyhound, the greatest ride of a lifetime for a little girl on a big adventure. The life of Young Emily will offer more than entertaining diversion; it will inform, inspire, and investigate. If knowledge is power and laughter is the best medicine, Volume II is a soothing treasure indeed!