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A Tuesday Kind of Love
A Tuesday Kind of Love is about a beautiful gorilla named Lani which means "heavenly" in Hawaiian, and a handsome monkey named Kanoa which means "the free one". They live in a tropical jungle and fall in love very quickly. They have twins together but end up realizing when the twins are very young they don't want the same life. So they decided splitting up would be the best decision for the family. They continue to show gratitude towards each other knowing it is important for the children to see and understand by example. The family changes the negative narrative of separation and divorce and turns it into a beautiful experience. Richards sheds a light onto separated families, showing that you can still have a loving unit that does not live in the same household. This story is for those children to have faith in their parents to show appreciation for each other even though they are apart living their own lives. The love they once felt created the most beautiful thing love can create, children!