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A Very Physical Spirituality
Could divinity be a this-worldly rather than an other-worldly phenomenon? Could we find all the splendour of our spiritual imaginations right here in our physical reality? Science has given humanity a new perspective of the cosmos, but we have yet to make the leap of imagination that would let that perspective come alive with spiritual capacities without having to resort to outlandish realms. The author demonstrates how we might find a viable context for spirituality in the physics of our everyday world, a context which not only accords with a scientific outlook but answers some long-standing spiritual questions, such as why spirituality is so thoroughly hidden. For those who dare, the physics is accessible - there are no equations and no counter-intuitive concepts such as quantum mechanics or relativity - and spirituality is dealt with in a most general manner. The book uses science as a guide to what might be spiritually possible. It offers a perspective of spirituality suited to today’s wider understanding of consciousness and technology.