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A Whisper in the Dark

Within darkness, they wait, suckling on the bone marrow from the remains of their latest victims, and licking the drying blood from their gore stained claws. They wait for you, those you love, or anyone else that happens to cross their nefarious and predatory sights. They are why humanity has learned to fear the dark. The only ones that stand against the creatures of the night are the men and women of the Unholy Slaying Agency. But the arduous war is weighing heavy on them, for the light is receding from our world, and the darkness will soon envelope us all.  

The U.S.A. (Unholy Slaying Agency) are hunting down a powerful voodoo priest who is performing dark rituals, leaving a gaping wound in the etheric layers. The agents must rely on their combat training, knowledge of the occult and one another as they are led into a dangerous trap. Ghost Team spearheads the operation and is led by Emmerich Steiner. What was meant to be an investigation leads them into a web of terror run by demonically possessed individuals and their willing servants. Em, along with his brothers Badrick and Fredrick, his fiancée and second in command, Callisto, and the rookie Calvin, battle the forces of darkness in a brutal life or death struggle.