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A Wicked Plan: Book 1 From the St. Isidore Collection
Rod Kackley, author
Can a teenage girl get away with murder without getting her hands bloody? Maybe, if Bree seduces a serial killer, who just happens to be one of her high school teachers to do the crime. Here's a problem: Bree has to figure out how to dump this guy who’s been killing people since before she was born. With A Wicked Plan: Book 1 From the St. Isidore Collection, Rod Kackley has created a new community, St. Isidore, a place from which Bree hopes to escape as soon as possible. But on the way out of town, along with freedom, she wants fame and fortune, too. It’s the story of a serial killer and the teenage girl who seduces him. Based on true crime stories, A Wicked Place: Book 1 is a crime and suspense thriller, filled with drama, murder, and mayhem. What else would you expect from real crime fiction that involves a high-school teaching serial killer who loves teenage girls a little too much and thinks he has finally found his Lolita. He has. But this is a Lolita, who is willing to commit murder, as long as she doesn’t have to pull the trigger. Maybe she’s too much to handle? But then again, this guy is a serial killer. How’s she going to dump him? Searing, exhilarating, and topical, A Wicked Plan: Book 1 From the St. Isidore Collection puts a new spin on the true crime stories we have all been reading about online. A girl is kidnapped. Her parents are killed. Their home is bombed. But what if it was all her idea?