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Maya Ross, author
Abe Peck was the sole living Holocaust survivor of an entire town in Poland. Snatched from his home as a young teenager, Abe was forced to spend the next five unimaginably horrific years as a prisoner and slave in Nazi camps such as Auschwitz and Buchenwald. He survived starvation, disease, shootings, forced labor and death marches. If you asked him how he did it—how he beat the most abysmal of odds—he’d tell you he was lucky. But was it luck, or an indomitable will to live? Abe barely survived a world where evil was allowed to flourish unchecked. It was his eternal hope that by experiencing the horrors of hate and discrimination firsthand, through his eyes, next generations would learn from the past and say, “Never again.” Abe-vs-Adolf was designed for educators to use in their classrooms with young adult audiences. There are 160+ authentic images, short chapters, multiple subparts, footnotes, quotes and WWII history woven throughout the story to keep the interest level high and pace brisk. In addition to the print and ebook formats, an enhanced video ebook edition contains 33 short video segments which correspond to each book chapter—tantamount to a full length documentary film. For younger generations who are visual learners, this video book provides an unforgettable way to learn Abe’s story and surrounding history. As an added bonus, many of the videos contain special features such as a 70th Anniversary Commemorative Tour of Auschwitz as it exists today and Three Generation Interviews with Abe, his son and grandson. To learn more, please visit: