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  • 01/2020
  • 978-1-68046-884-1 B083RZ7PL2
  • 264 pages
  • $5.99
Adeline's Aria
Laynie Bynum, author
What would you give up to be with your idol? Your reputation? Your best friend? Your sanity? Addie is a small-town high school senior with a best friend to take care of and college plans to figure out. Jude is a British rock star turned actor and one-half of Hollywood's favorite "it" couple along side his co-star Lana Thatcher. When the two cross paths at a music festival in Addie's hometown and begin an undercover whirlwind romance, the press becomes vicious, his faux fiance flames rumors, and Addie must decide if her "dream come true" is worth the nightmare it is turning into. Fans of GEEKERELLA and YOU'D BE MINE will love this Young Adult Rockstar Romance.

I received an ARC of this book and fell in love immediately! From the very beginning, I was enthralled with Adeline (Addie) and Jude’s unlikely relationship. The author touches on some tough subjects like OCD, anxiety, and depression. The characters are like-able and relatable , even when they do infuriating things. The ending was so sweet and I can’t wait to read the next in the series!!

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If you like:

  • Hot British Guys
  • Music
  • Drama
  • A Rollercoaster of Emotions

Then this is the book for you!





Y’all this book left me on the edge of my seat the whole way through (and I don’t say that with a lot of contemporary books). I was hooked before I had finished reading the synopsis because it has the whole dating your celebrity crush who just so happens to be British and a musician, plus it’s recommended for people who loved You’d be Mine (which I love).

Jude is the iconic rocker with tattoos covering every inch of his body, swagger and attitude, and the reputation of getting around. He’s been touring all over the world with his band and starting his acting career. Despite being engaged and his acting career taking off, he feels like life is almost passing him by except when he’s performing… that is until he meets Adeline who makes the world colorful again and gives him inspiration.

Addie is your average country girl who lives under most everyone’s radar. She’s prepping for the rest of her life and spending each moment with her best friend Tabby before graduation. They spend a lot of time listening to music and fangirling over the band members, but neither of them expect to catch the eyes of a couple of British singers at a concert giving a weekend they won’t forget.

Things get crazy for both of the girls when they happen to hang around the venue a little longer after the concert to chill when they catch they eyes of Cam and Jude. Sparks flies between both couples and one thing leads to another making it hard to say goodbye when the clock strikes.

I loved this book because this is by far one of the most realistic books with a celebrity, and there’s no sugar coating the relationship (or world) of someone who’s other worldly popular. Laynie shows the the highs and lows of dating a musician from the initial high of meeting your idol and being starstruck into silence to the low of paparazzi to the nit picking of fans saying you’re not good enough for that person to date. She also shows how people in the public wears a mask to maintain the image they are trying to keep with the public.

Adeline’s Aria hit me with an array of emotions the butterflies and giddiness of the initial encounter of Addie and Jude to that feeling you have where it feels like your heart is being squeezed when Addie had to walk away from the relationship to save Jude’s career from going to the dump because of their relationship. I swooned when they spent the night together in the hotel room after the concert and was the perfect gentleman and didn’t pressure Addie into doing anything, and my heart broke when Addie received the news about Jude’s brother, Skylar, put himself in the path of a life threatening thing.





This book also covers a number of mental illnesses such as anxiety, OCD, suicidal thoughts, and panic disorders. These topics aren’t shown in one scene and never talked about again, but are seen all throughout the book like when Addie goes to the bathroom to try to calm herself down after a really stressful situation to the way Tabby’s OCD affects her life to the point where she doesn’t want to leave her house some days.

This is an emotional book about first loves, self growth and acceptance, and living life to the fullest that will have you laughing, crying, swooning, and everything in between because you can’t help but get sucked into the story and become Addie as she navigates life.


  • Circles by Post Malone
  • 10,000 Hours by Dan + Shay ft. Justin Bieber
  • Lights On by Shawn Mendes
  • Heartbreak by Hunter Hayes
  • Sugar, We’re Going Down by Fall Out Boy
  • Alone by Halsey
  • A.M. by One Direction
  • Turning Tables by Adele
  • What About Love by Austin Mahone
  • All Worked Out by The Hara
Reviews of a FearStreet Zombie

My brain still hasn't stopped screaming in pterodactyl... But lets just wing this review shall we!

Okay so ... I ... WHAT THE HECK!!! ... I hate that I loved this book so much (lol). If I am honest, around the middle of the book I was 98% sure I was going to rate this book at least 3 stars. Oof! Not because of the writing or anything! BUT BECAUSE OF JUDE! Oh my GAH! This man will make you hate every male on earth. (Laynie, why did you write him so well!? Haha!)

Y'all. Don't let that scare you off! Adeline's Aria was so fantastically written. I damn near don't have the words for it. Laynie Bynum has one hell of a talent that will make you become her character. If you read this book, prepare to leave your life behind because once you start page one, your life is no longer your own. You are now Adeline. Don't believe me? Try it. I dare you.

What would you give up to be with your idol? Your reputation? Your best friend? Your sanity?
Oh hell, we all lost our sanity reading this book. I loved Jude.. and I fucking hated his guts. I hate how he treated her when things got down to the nitty-gritty. It really did make me hate him. Even by the end of the book, I still wasn't completely sold on him. Yet it also made me fangirl. You know, I talk a lot of mess.. But I have to remind myself, what would I give up if one of these men came knocking:

(I could keep going but I better not lol)

I would lose my ever living gotdamn mind, Don't even @ me. We all have someone we would go crazy for... some of us (*cough* kpop stans *cough*) have a group we would lose it over.

Anywho, back to the point and story! Lol I really loved the writing and the storyline. Let's face it, Laynie is or was a fangirl in her life at one point. She wrote straight facts! Lol

And can we talk about the diversity in this book!? Every book I have every read, if a mental illness is mentioned, it's usually in passing or someone ending up in a hospital. I've never read a book (until now) where it's a MC who lives life with it. Like this story not only gives you a unique storyline but it also gives you a full blown experience of what it's like to live with a mental illness. Not just one either, Because a few characters suffer from different illnesses and even a sexual identity is mentioned that, IMO, is not talked about enough! So hats off! Because this is the best damn book I have read this year and good luck to the next books I read, they are going to have a lot of trouble topping this one.

I feel like there is so much more I want to talk about in my review but I am so scared I will give to much away. I just loved this book so much. Even if I did hate one or two characters with a passion, in the end, I am still extremely excited! Lol

And... can I just leave this review with a big ol: I freaking love Jude's mum. The woman is a saint!!

~~Side note: will probably add more to this later when I can sort my thoughts better.

My brain still hasn't stopped screaming, but at this point, I'm totally okay with it because that is just the fangirl needing book two now.

I want to scream mega props to the author (I should have mentioned this earlier) y'all, she is the first author I have ever seen that posts a link to the trigger areas for her book. Which you can find: HERE. This made my heart soar!

Looking back on my reading updates, you could definitely cue up Katy Perry "You're hot then you're cold, you're yes then you're no, you're in then you're out, you're up then you're down." Lol
But then again, so was Jude.... So we are EVEN..... Right?

I will always stand behind: Fuck Juna. Burn that ship with a torch.

The only parts I was not a fan of was how Jude seemed to be gaslighting her, that really pissed me off. But in the end, I'm starting to think he was just that dumb? Hell, honestly, I have no idea. All I know is I am so so SOOOOO fucking glad that Adeline stood up to him and put him in his place.

It broke my heart that she felt like she needed to fix everyone though. (don't you just love mental illness? *sarcasm* don't @ me, I've been in this spot) Like it was all on her that she needed to be around certain people to keep them from falling to pieces even though she was falling apart herself and when she did find happiness, it blew up in her face, because while she was happy, someone was falling apart and they made her feel bad for being happy at that time. (there is more to that story that i can't say without giving it away, so PLEASE read the book!) But I LOVED later when the person had calmed down and it was time for them to be there for Addy and they were like "No, it's not your fault this happened. Just like it wasn't your fault that happened to me." kinda thing. I freaking love their Stardust relationship! Honestly, it reminds me of me and my sister. My sister has always been my backbone, so I felt their friendship on a spiritual level.

I loved the relationship with her and Jude's friends/family... Well... Some of them. But that's what makes it so real to me. Some welcome you, others, not so much. But those that do have such a deep bond that it just makes you want to cry.

Honestly at this point, I could go on and on for my love of this book but considering I pretty much just wrote a chapter about this book, I realize, I need to stop. Lol

If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would. 

Ebook Details
  • 01/2020
  • 978-1-68046-884-1 B083RZ7PL2
  • 264 pages
  • $5.99