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Aditya Lal is named as the “Best Employee” for the year 2002
Kolkata, West Bengal, India, 3rd March 2003

Aditya Lal is named as the best employee for the year 2002. It’s a glorious moment for all of us.

In a very short period of time, Aditya has established himself as a credible leader with incredible work ethics, deep technical knowhow and a wide understanding of project and people management. Aditya joined CMC Ltd in 1996 and in under 6 years he has worked on multiple projects including the eradication of corruption from various state government offices by technological advancements.

Managing such a large project to implement the ERP package at 40 different locations is a challenge in itself. Aditya led this successful implementation in record time and managed the complete project without any schedule slippage. It is also worthy to note that because of his effort and the right utilization of the project management tools and technologies many of the scope creeps were seized and contained keeping the project cost within the budget.

His work during the last couple of years was outstanding, result-driven, focused and full of challenges leading to the lakhs of savings for the government. In the year 2002, he built a strong remote driven tool that allowed us to install the Informix database at 40 of our factories across the far-flung areas. This tool is capable of taking the backup, install the Informix while the database is running, restore the data to the newly installed database and finally switch the application to the new database.

Please joins hands in congratulating Aditya for his great achievement.