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Adrushya Guru - A Journey Within
ABC.XYZ, author

A partially blind African-American girl finds herself trapped in a brothel in Banaras, India. A mysterious Aghori priest, who practices occult rituals on dead bodies, rescues her. The Priest and his friend, Bhaijan, a forced-eunuch and devout Muslim embark on a voyage in river Ganges to help the girl realize her destiny. An elderly joins the passengers on their way to the horizon as their guide. He suggests them to play a game in which passengers have to share an experience and goal of their life. The game rules that there is nothing like the coincidence, every individual’s destinies are connected to serve each other. Joan, the girl hesitantly starts the game and speaks about her dark and abused past and her mission of life is to kill her rapist brother, without any prejudice and desires. As the game unravels, the passengers start finding connections amongst their fates. Elderly a former drug lord owes his life to Joan. Bhaijan – an abused orphan and sex labor sees his lost adopted daughter in Joan. Priest the Aghori, an ex-CERN scientist wants to experience the true meaning of life – beyond the ultimate destiny. Joan finds out that she is still not ready to hold the burden of destiny. She learns to conquer Anger, Lust, Pride, Enchantment, Greed, and Fear. She also learns to have the death as her friend instead of as an enemy, thanks to their encounter with the dead-man-in-waiting-on-pyre. A conversation about life, death, truth, reality and limited mortal knowledge between Aghori and the soul concludes with Aghori disappearing with spirit. Elderly on the way to his unknown lays down his life while fighting against many adversaries. However, he manages to help severely injured girl to continue on her journey. Joan, almost dead, finds herself in the middle of Ocean with her pet Breach and paralyzed Bhaijan. Her Adrushya Guru mentors her to fight another evil in her mind – Enchantment. She lets go her all the desires and affections to let Bhaijan attain his destiny. Finally, she finds out her real aim – it was not to kill her brother, but to be an Adrushya Guru! Finally, she wins the war against her last enemy – Ego!