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Paperback Details
  • 12/2018
  • 978-0-9977072-2-9 B07L9GLPVJ
  • 152 pages
  • $9.95
Adventures of One Up Max: Runic and the Crystal Cave
Lisa Shawver, author

Children/Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

Max loves sitting by the backdoor watching everything that goes on.  But, this morning, a blinding light zooms across the yard.  Then, he sees it, a strange looking critter.

Being a great watch-dog and the guardian of the yard, Max jumps into high gear after it.  When he's just about to catch the critter, a young dragon, it jumps into a wavy air portal.  Hot on his trail, Max leaps right in after it.

Zoomed to another world, Max encounters 100-foot vultures, groppers (super-long snakes with tiny arms and legs that crush their victims and razor sharp teeth that tear into flesh), killing trees, quicksand, and other things that make him cringe.

His only hope of getting home in one piece is with the help of the critter that got him there.

Annette Damewood - Amazon review

Amazing Book 

I give this book 5 Stars because it kept me wanting to know more about what Max would do next. This may be a kids book, but as an adult, I really enjoyed reading this book. I wonder what Max will get into next. I hope there will be more to come. And both my girl's age 11 & 15 loved reading about Max. Well done. Into the next adventure.

Debra Polk - Amazon Review

Wonderful Kids Book!

Kids of all ages are going to fall in love with Shawver's adorable hero. Max is clever, funny and fearless. His adventures kept me turning the pages, anxious to see what would happen next.

Francis C. Bert - Amazon Review

Awesome Max my man

On the edge of my seat. Can't wait for next one. Always awesome Max my man.

Heather - Amazon Review

Bought a copy for his class

Such a cute book! Read it with my 8 yr old son and he loved it so much that we decided to buy a copy of it for his second grade classroom library.

*Update* We ordered another copy and as soon as it came he couldn't put it down. He is walking around reading it!

Jade Gabriel - Amazon Review

A Fun LIttle Book

This book is great for kids and adults alike. Children can learn about danger, trust, and friendship. I follow Max on Instagram, and it was great to be able to picture him as I read. A very enjoyable story!

KateandLu - Amazon Review

Max Rules!!

Max’s adventure is awesome!! Love this story!

Stephanie - Amazon Review

Great book  

Great book very interesting can’t put it down perfect for kids who love adventure.

Tina - Amazon Review

Amazing, well written!!  

This book about the adventure of Max.. Is great... This little canine keeps you wanting to see what is next!! This is not just a kids book but adult's will enjoy it too. I am looking forward to what adventure Max will get into next!!! 

Paperback Details
  • 12/2018
  • 978-0-9977072-2-9 B07L9GLPVJ
  • 152 pages
  • $9.95