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Adventures with the Mojave Phone Booth
The Mojave Phone Booth Project was inaugurated when I began obsessively dialing the number of a phone booth in the desert that I wasn't sure even existed until I eventually began visiting it in person. Its fame spread quickly by means of just about every major world newspaper, TV network, and radio station. The Booth soon had multitudes of admirers around the globe, to the extent that what had been almost certainly the world’s most isolated telephone booth was transformed practically overnight into the world’s most popular telephone booth, becoming one of the first-ever Internet memes. It went viral before anyone ever thought of saying of anything, "It went viral." People all over the world had improbable conversations via this hitherto forgotten telephone booth until, after almost three years’ worth of fun and nonsense shared by people around the globe, the Mojave Phone Booth became the first (and probably only) Internet meme ever to be targeted for destruction by the United States Government.