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Erus Ludus
Erus Ludus, author

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Publish)

Watch AENIGMA Book Trailer at: This is not a book. It is the longest riddle ever written. Would you dare to solve it? It is the winter of the year 87 B.C. and a prophecy has been revealed at the Oracle of Delphi: “Seven they shall be to save the Treasure.” An Amazon, an Olympic athlete, a pirate, a stone princess, an Apollo's priest, the bearer of the Word, and a mysterious character, whom they call the Seventh, join in this adventure that will take them to fantastic places such as the city of Petra, the Library of Alexandria, and as far as Hades, the underworld. Meanwhile, the known world is in turmoil, with the brutal war being fought between the great Roman Commander, Lucius Cornelius Sulla, and the rich and powerful Mithridates VI, known as the Poison King. The fates intertwine the destiny of the chosen ones with that of these two great men in ancient history. As the quest for the Treasure unfolds, the story gradually transforms into a riddle. The responsibility of solving it falls on the shoulders of one of them, the Seventh, the most mysterious and evasive of all. Will the Seventh be capable of solving the riddle and delivering the Word that will save them? Blending fantasy with historical fiction and mathematical puzzles, AENIGMA will surprise the reader; the plot will lure you in like no other book, ever. Literally.