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After Olympus

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Create)

After a Soviet spacecraft on a secret mission falls to earth in the Santa Cruz Mountains in 1978, three young men are forced to face a central question of modernity: when ancient sources of narrative lose their credibility, who owns the truth? In their decades-long quest for authenticity these unlikely sleuths formulate an answer — but not before they have traversed a bewildering world of Russian spies, ancient mysticism and modern day cyber-misdirection.
Chanticleer Book Reviews

“In this groundbreaking novel, what is real - and what isn’t - is always at the heart of the matter. Fantastic magic realism, uncaged and wild, and brilliant in every way! Highly recommended.”

Foreword Clarion Reviews

“After Olympus blends fact and fiction into a spellbinding novel about what’s real, what’s not, and who decides which is which.”

Independent Review of Books

“Xaman displays a brilliant level of draughtsmanship, while patiently doling out the web of this story like a delicate piece of fishing line. It’s an extraordinary success.”

Indie Reader

“Xaman’s writing is eloquent and thoughtful, a rumination on the meaning of life, love, thought, and the economy.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Debut author Xaman explores the nature of truth and reality in this philosophical mystery novel, an ambitious, reality-questioning tale of hidden signs and old secrets. This is a novel in which the ground keeps shifting beneath the reader’s feet.”

Midwest Book Review

“Readers seeking a wide-ranging, original, creatively compelling read will find this literary work presses all the buttons of a solidly engrossing, superior masterpiece.”