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Ron Sherkin, author
Jericho Asher had been a spy for longer than he cared to remember, but after the death of a team member during his last assignment he decided enough was enough. So, he walked, vowing never to return. But now, after months off the grid in Thailand, the Agency has come calling. With a leak exposing their active undercover operatives, Asher and his former partner, Haymishe Elfman, are the only assets they can rely on to secret, Ambros Kosar, an exiled Ukrainian minister back into the country to supplant the current president. Against his better judgment, Jericho agrees to deliver the “package.” However, he’s surprised to learn that he and Haymishe will have help from someone he had just encountered in another context—Chinese MSS agent, Natasha Lee. Jericho comes to expect the unexpected from Tasha and comes to find she has her own agenda for joining the team in Ukraine—but everybody is caught off guard when Kosar betrays all of them. Now, Jericho’s going to find out why he and his mishmash team are willing to go over the line to get some answers and exact some revenge.