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Donna Ward
Alias Island
Donna Ward, author

Alias Island is a character-driven mystery novel that takes place in a fictitious southeast retirement community. Here, in an unorthodox attempt to protect their important witnesses -  within the constraints of their New York office budget –  the FBI has warehoused several of them, with strict instructions not to mingle with the locals.
    But mingle they do, and soon they find each other – but not in a good way. One aging Mob informant - who had been living an alias life on Hadaway Island long before the newbies arrived - begins to feel threatened by their friendly I-feel-like-we’ve-met-before chit chat.

    So what does he do? He tries to pick them off, one by one, without attracting attention from the local sheriff and a couple of clueless locals.

Special Agent Mark Oberlin, an avid golfer, finds himself on site and on the job when the first one goes down. He must investigate this murder and keep his group of aliases away from each other – and alive. It’s fair to call his effort a qualified success.

Alias Island in Book-to-Screen Deal with Hollywood Producers

Discovered by Hollywood sixteen years after publication, producers from Lionsgate to develop this self-published Mark Oberlin mystery for the screen.