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Alleppey houseboat

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One of the main tourist attraction in kerala is house boat tourism in alapuzha. Most of tourist people are visiting kerala for backwater tourism. Alapuzha and kollam provides houseboat tourism in kerala. Houseboat tourism provides many entertainments such as site seeing, sea food, etc. Luxury houseboats provides many facilities such as ac rooms, tasty food items including sea foods, good services etc. house boat service is entirely different from all other tourism spots. Other than family tourism it will also provide honeymoon packages, business meetings etc. in alapuzha house boating it travel through the inner places of alapuzha such as kuttanatd etc..alapuzha is almost linked by water route. So travelling through water in house boat is entirely entertaining. Alapuzha is famous with is natural beauty and tasty food. House boating in alapuzha can provide enjoyable nature beauty, fresh air and fresh food in kerala style. It is possible to arrange parties inside boats. So alapuzha house boating is one of the main tourist spot which should be must visited by all tourist people who visiting kerala. A house boating can make you refresh both mentally and physically.