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Allyson Best, Code Name: Corn Flower - Stones in a Matrix
Beneath the overgrown aftermath of a global apocalypse, the remains of human civilization struggle and compete for precious resources. Each evacuation center, now a city-state within themselves, guards their resources jealously, violently, even at the end of a millennium of forced captivity. Among these states stood the city of Evaone. They hold the only known source of power gems, and all the other city-states want them. Reduced to steam technology and black powder weapons, power crystals represented a terrifying and unstoppable military advantage. An advantage Evaone doesn't want to share. Without realizing, Allyson Best changes that power struggle after discovering a way to fabricate her own power gems and becomes a threat to Evaone. When she refuses to turn her methods over to the Academy, she is expelled, ending her career as a covert operative and her chance to follow in her father’s footsteps. That is until she finds him tortured to death. Falsely charged with her father’s murder, Allyson finds herself and her friend Copper pitted against Evaone’s intelligence community in a race to escape a life sentence and hanging by the throne. STONES IN A MATRIX is a spy-thriller told in a steampunk, post-apocalyptic world laced with intrigue, action/adventure, romance, and a touch of the supernatural.