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America Inc
Step inside a world where reality isn't real. In the future, the entire world has been united under one empire: America. Ivan Luciano is the most powerful man in that empire, and he wields that power with an iron fist. But he wants more, and it was easy enough to convince his girlfriend, Lucy, to help. A brilliant engineer, Lucy, has brought life to robots. They're even passing as humans. One of them is now going to run for President of the United States. And, if Ivan has his way, he'll win. And with a robot as the Commander-in-Chief, Ivan will have ultimate control. After falling in love with a rebel and discovering some startling news about Ivan, Lucy leads a clan of revolutionaries, which she recruits from around the world, to combat her ex's greed and stop him once and for all. With her knowledge of the robots, she can save the world...if Ivan doesn't win first.