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Adam Perin
American Rome
Strange things are afoot in Washington DC. The President vanishes while on a diplomatic trip to the Far East, only to reappear nine days later on the other side of the world, with no memory of where he’s been…and not quite the same… A congressional hearing is shattered by gunfire in a massacre without any apparent motive or reason… An enigmatic woman controls a vast group of conspirators with impossible reach and highly questionable motives… The common thread is Braden Cooper. An Afghan war veteran turned jaded Congressional Staffer, he’s thrust into a shadowy world where ignorance is currency and ethics are a liability. Braden came to the nation’s capital to start a new life far away from the battlefields he can’t seem to leave behind, but he’ll find that this is a different sort of war altogether…one where the law is subjective and ethics are a liability. If he can’t master the rules of political combat—and fast—he’ll lose everything. Following a twisting path of conspiracy, manipulation and betrayal, Braden’s journey will lead him from the marbled halls of Congress to the darkest jungles of Amazonian Colombia, where he’ll learn that in the “American Rome,” all things are possible…for those willing to pay the price.