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An Empowered Life: A Daily Dose of Inspirational Messages for Self-Development and Transformation
Eston Swaby, author
An Empowered Life is a daily devotional, motivational and inspirational book written base on past experiences and base on scriptures in the Bible. An Empowered Life is written to help readers to live their best life now by getting pass their failures, their past, to live a highly motivated and empowered life.

Just bought this book and started reading immediately. I couldn't put it down. I just wanted to keep reading. I know i should read one devotional message each day, but when i started i just couldn't put it down. I am way past day 1,even though its not two days yet since i purchase it. The messages so far are very powerful and life-changing. I am learning a lot so far and can relate to the messages i read so far. They give me a better understanding of the things i am facing, especially Day 1 about God re-positioning you for greatness.

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An Empowered Life is a devotional and motivation book for all ages