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Linda Seebeth
Author, Illustrator
An Introduction to War

Adult; History & Military; (Market)

As a Dustoff medic, John Seebeth flew aboard Army helicopter ambulances in Vietnam. The legendary Huey Dustoff choppers were unarmed and often flew into hot LZs without gunship escort. After flying missions for nine months--striving to save lives of wounded soldiers--John received a gunshot wound to his neck during a rescue mission. Linda collaborated with John to write An Introduction to War. The novel is based on historic facts derived from personal interviews, diaries, correspondence, medical records and declassified Army documents, such as an Aircraft Accident Report and 196th Combat After Action Report. Through John's healing journey, he takes a hard look at the Vietnam War and his beloved country that sent him off to fight it. His story examines war, dealing with a stigma, education, and new perspectives.