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An Irish Tale of Leaving
Darrell Duke, author
Ireland. 1778. The British have been ruling here for centuries. Edward “Red” Houlihan is a Rebel – an Irishman continually rejecting the tyranny of his country’s invaders. Red travels from his home island, Inis Meáin, in Galway Bay to the mainland where he continues his journeys on his faithful horse, Bolg. Red retrieves his wife, Ellen, and their son, John. He plans to take them away, leave Ireland for good, across the ocean to a place called Newfoundland. To avoid capture, Red decides to run down British soldiers blocking their path. Upon the family’s escape, one of the soldiers fires his musket. Ellen is shot in the back. She allows herself to fall off the horse to lighten the load, so Red and John may have a better chance of surviving. Will Ellen live? Will Red ever find her? Will he seek revenge or carry out his plan in order to save his son’s life?