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Colin Guest
An Unforgettable Cruise
Colin Guest, author

Adult; Romance

When William, Ashley’s cheating husband, dies in a plane crash, it relieves her from a loveless marriage. Once a loving husband, he had turned to one interested more in his business than her—lovemaking something Ashley used to enjoy, only a memory. Despite living in a detached house, one of London’s top areas, Ashley was not happy. She thought William’s death would make little difference in her life, but then finds an insurance policy on his life for eight million pounds. With this, plus a substantial amount of money in their joint account, Ashley is now a wealthy woman. …….. After William’s funeral, Ashley and her daughter Jade take a holiday in Turkey, where they rescue a man from drowning. When Ashley recognises him as an old flame, she thinks it’s a sign they should get back together, but later learns he is involved in human trafficking. Some months later, to get over her husband’s death and her disastrous meeting with Peter, Ashley books a luxury cruise. Jade thinks it’s a great idea. “Who knows, you might meet someone nice.” \tAlthough fifty-two, Ashley is an attractive woman and looks far younger than her years. On the cruise, Ashley meets Stephen, a bank manager with a major bank in London. The couple get on well together and enjoy lovemaking, something Ashley had missed. On their return home, the couple’s friendship grows; then turns to love while on holiday in Bali. Once back in England, they meet and discuss the next step in their relationship. Despite Stephen’s sons’ objections, they get engaged and later marry. Apart from one terrifying incident, the couple enjoys a fabulous time on their honeymoon in St Petersburg. On their return to England, with Stephen proving the kind of man she wanted, Ashley is now enjoying the life she had been missing.