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Ancestors Calling
A. Metis, author

A charming picture book with a GREEN message—rich with adventure and lots of love! One night as a Metis child sleeps, her ancestors come calling through her dreams. They’re not demanding like demons, nor are they gruesome like a ghost. They’re friendly and fun and ask the child: “Do you want to go flying with us?” They travel over factories pumping pollution into the air, over trees tired and sick, over animal friends needing our help. Ancestors show the child how their land, called Turtle Island, once was and how beautiful and healthy it could be in the future to come. Delighted with her adventure, the child dances with the animals and sings with the trees. More ancestors hover near the child as she returns to her sleep. “We love you! We love you! We love you! Good night, sweet beautiful child. Good night,” are the words she hears as she closes her eyes and the story ends. This is a great book for GREEN discussions, talking about relatives who have passed, getting acquainted with Native American culture and history, or just a thrilling bedtime story offering parents/readers and children the opportunity to share lots of "good night" kisses and hugs!