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And The Puppy Ain't Here Yet ... A 21st Century Adult Fairy Tale Begins ... The Prequel, Volume I & Volume II

The Puppy ain’t here yet.


It’s not even close by.

Ziggy, Eric’s six year old dog, is scampering about the house in all of his attitudinal and happy glory, playing daily down in the backyard, or running after one of his toys upstairs on the terrace, or chasing his canine friends out front… or jumping on a raft in the pool and barking, barking, barking…

Ziggy barking

And before Ziggy there was Kitchi


Before, there was always BEFORE

Before was where it all began; before years and years and years ago, before… and Eric lived through “before”… Before where all was traditional, all was slow, life was deliberate, life was situation normal, expected even.

And Eric was traditional then.

And then the 1950’s ended, the 1960’s began, and the “Traditional” was doomed… nobody knew it yet, but rampant CHANGE was loosed upon Society, CHANGE was upon one and all. And that CHANGE would alter the Traditional fabric of America in ways no one could imagine or anticipate.

And Eric, well… Eric had to change with those times… Eric had to live… Eric had to grow… Eric had to be successful…

And Eric was…

And so the “Traditional” morphed in to the Different, and the “Different” morphed in to the Modern, and the “Modern” morphed in to the Now. And so Eric morphed too… first he was “Different”, then he was “Modern”, and here he is, “Now”.


Yes… here Eric is NOW as his modern world is rocked by illness, and personal crisis after personal crisis… And finally by tragedy… as the “Center Ring”, the “Big Kahuna”… the “Main Event”tragedy… goes on and on and on…


And NOW, finally… the Puppy is here… He wasn’t before; but now he’s here.

All hail the puppy…



5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars

"Nice book that really makes you think...


"...The idea of a prequel is kind of interesting when you consider the idea of there always being a before. What comes before a prequel: a pre prequel?

Anyway, look, EP Lee's books all join up and reading one is complementary to reading the others so I would give this the thumbs up for all fans.