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And The Puppy Howls ... A 21st Century Adult Fairy Tale

And the Puppy Howls... But it’s not about the dog: it is a fictional journey through 21st Century modern American life, where different lives blend in confusion, loss, death, and renewal…

There is a new puppy in Eric’s house though: Freud. And this should be a good thing. It’s definitely a start… It’s definitely better.

But better?

What’s “better”? 

As Eric’s visits to the Doctors keep reminding him, “better” doesn’t mean well.

And Eric soooo longs to be well…

Eric has sort of stopped. He’s survived this far… survived a lot. He had his health and his career before, and something like a family – a twisted, complicated family, but so what?


And… he had his “Little Man”, Ziggy, the only friend a guy could need.

But one by one, he lost them all; his health, his lover, Ziggy; one by one, until he had nothing left: nothing but the house in Miami and the memories that haunt it. And now the new puppy… the start of a new family – the start of a future?

The Doctors told him he might never walk again; never talk again – but he did. So he’s still got a life to live… But even as Eric fights to move on, to move forward, the past has its claws in everything he does…

Freud is only here, scampering and howling and messing, because Ziggy had to be put down. And Freud isn’t quite Ziggy.

And the house is only here because… and it needs to, it has to, sell and it won’t quite sell.

And Mitch… Mitch…

Eric, surrounded by memories, flattened and churned up by Banks, Doctors, Real Estate Agents and Fantasies, grieving over the loss of his health, his lover, and the life he once had in the house he now can’t quite get rid of, keeps climbing towards the future, one uneven, unsteady step at a time. Still, it’s hard to know where he’s climbing to.

And though there’s a lot of healing to do: how to start?

Well… at least there’s the puppy. Freud isn’t Ziggy, but that’s okay. He makes Eric smile.

“And the Puppy Howls” is the story of being hit by everything modern American life can throw, and who and what comes next.