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Kate Mulcahy, author
Hundreds evacuate the Senate Office Buildings, as Washington, D.C. is shutdown. The Capitol, zippered in a balloon of fear of collective fear, holds its breath. As FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Steiner and her partner investigate the terrorist attack, they discover more than they anticipated. They follow a trail leading them from Washington, D.C. to the Upper Northwest Territories. Nothing is what it seems as the body counts adds up. Assistant Federal Prosecutor Erin Dushanbe implements the Patriot Act but is it justified. The secrets hidden buried deep within the psyche of the terrorists are unraveled at a snails pace as they rush to solve the mysteries the evidence presents.. In her quest Special Agent-in-Charge Steiner pushes past the powers to be as she unfolds a quarter of a century old secret. This book is also about the corruption that exists in Washington, D.C. as it discovered in the course of the investigation of a terrorist attack. In addition the story revolves around the love and friendship of the main characters.