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Animal Killer
B. Lee Baker, author
THE HUNTER BECOMES THE HUNTED IN THIS GRIPPING TALE OF ANIMAL VENGEANCE . . . Despite all his accomplishments while alive, Louie’s journey into the afterlife is anything but peaceful. Instead, he is confronted with a chilling demand for justice for his cruelty and slaughter of the many animals he hunted while alive. After a terrifying trial to determine where he will spend eternity, he is sent to a hellish world where he becomes the hunted. There, his soul is stalked and tormented by the very animals he murdered. As he struggles to survive, an infinite and unforgiving animal army wants nothing less than his total annihilation. Will Louie escape and save his soul, or will he be lost to the abyss? Prepare yourself for an incredible ride that will force you to question many of your closely held beliefs.