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Alive but not living. Surrounded but unseen. Damaged in body and heart. She watched the world drift by from her fifth floor windows. She was broken, isolated, and alone. 

He wasn't.

They were pen pals - until they weren't.

ANNIE ALWAYS is an endearing glimpse into the relationship between two amazing people, one with great promise, one with no hope, and both desperately needing the other.

Laura on

Bennie and Bud and Annie.

Through their eyes, I saw a view of relationships I had never considered; their story will definitely stay with me. Step into this narrative of a decade in the lives of these 3 human beings and those who care for them and you will develop a love for each individual. And you may just determine to look at your own interactions with a new eye.

You will not regret reading this book!

Mimi on

This love story encompasses so many elements. It looks into the world of those we judge as handicapped....not willing to see the story behind their body. It delves into how love really looks like on both sides of a relationship. It's not a salacious story. Its about depth and love and giving and releasing. It's about growth on both parties..enough so they can love, grow and carry that on in their lives both together and separately.

You will start to evaluate some of you own thoughts and reflections too.

A great read for anyone who loves a true tale of life and love.