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Dominique jenkins
Another's Basketball
H h h...ELLO , As of today its typical ; for now .Well I came off as discreet And hope that my test comes back negative :any purpose really. On the nicer side I am on the Pill to help the growth, steady. But I do take up church my will is Courage Strength and Other.... i just Parents are known to take up for their kids right. Although 2 Corinthians 3:17, shows the works ,am I just on vacation from the romance or do germs continue of solid soulmate hopes. i am Single not really that type; vocalists never tell. Well my cousin has become an newly-wed woman in that time ; O .m .g my newly wed ring winner .Not about just what i want but devotion ,school ,heritage and career , All lined -up graduated 2000 tops an regular .Unemployed , better believe the career is a feroceously approaching . In my home we enjoy watch ads and sit-comes maybe even contest ads , my chariate should magically appear .Im hair is trimmed an i smell of nuts and berries. . nothing like a car nothing buyers neither an rental home to call mine. i have 2 other sister25yrs and brother18yrs. Parents father and mother separated ;logical reasons. other ways of being a Runt. -Dominique J.