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Answering Your Inner Calling, 3 Practics for Following Your Soul's Guidance Toward Joyful and Fulfilling Work


Do you have a feeling that there's work you're meant to do in the world, but you're not doing it yet? Are you ready for your 2nd or 3rd act? Are you longing to live out your life's purpose? In this practical and inspiring book, Lisa Espinosa shares three powerful practices that will help you step into the next phase of your life's work. Serving as a wise and gentle teacher, Lisa leads you on a path to connecting with your Soul--that part of you that knows your life's purpose and exactly how to guide you to it. The practices she describes will help you: • Create daily rituals that will keep you awake to your Soul's guidance throughout the day • Compassionately heal different parts of you that may be sabotaging your journey • Learn how your Soul speaks to you so you can more easily understand its guidance • Relax and feel joyful as your Soul leads you towards the work you're meant to be doing Throughout the book, Lisa shares uplifting anecdotes from her work with clients, as well as her own story of following her Soul's guidance as she transitioned from her successful teaching career to the work she does today.