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Anything is Possible: A Child's Journey to America and Hope
Ten year old Sara packs as much as she can for the long trip to America. She is sure to pack her new doll so she doesn't feel lonely. But she has to leave very important things behind--her best friend, her grandmother, her house. Her family is not safe in Russia in 1909. Russia's leaders encourage soldiers and even some neighbors to attack and exploit Jewish people--and Sara's family is Jewish. Sara, her mother and three younger brothers come to Pittsburgh because her father, her aunts, uncles and cousins have already settled there. But Sara has no experience living in a large city of sooty air from steel mills and no open space to play. She has to adapt to many changes and overcome her two biggest challenges: learning a new language and making friends in school. Just when she is becoming accustomed to America, something horrifying happens. Sara's whole family is grief-stricken. With courage and determination, Sara finds the strength to nurture her family and move forward with hope. Along the way, Sara grows and learns that in America, Anything is Possible.