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Betsy Fritcha
Apocalypse: Here and Now! Are You Ready?
Does it seem to you that everything in the world around you is shaking? Well, it is! Are you asking, “Why am I so unsettled? Why do I sense such foreboding in my circumstances? Why do I seem to be so scared about what I do not even understand?” Then this book is for you. Discover in this book answers for your “whys”. There are answers that may surprise you. You can live in peace in the midst of chaos, if you so choose. This book can be used as a Bible Study to find truthful answers to your questions. You can also send people to this book who are asking you questions that you cannot answer about end-time events.
A certain practicality stands as a hallmark of Fritcha’s brief analysis of biblical prophecy and world events. Her study of the Old Testament prophets and analysis of the Bible’s promise of a day of holy justice rapidly pivots into addressing the particular questions readers may have about the end times and other apocalyptic mysteries: What precisely does the ‘mark of the beast’ signify? Who are the Nephilim -- the “fallen angels” -- mentioned in the book of Genesis? And is it possible for believers today to draw on the power of God for miracles? Fritcha’s overall aim with her analysis, though, is not to offer her own answers but to draw readers to hear and heed what she calls the “one voice of TRUTH.”

In her discussion of the Mark of the Beast and the Nephilim, Fritcha is clear in her explanation of difficult-to-understand texts. Particularly enlightening is her listing of other resources to encourage readers to grow in understanding by studying for themselves. Her emphasis as the book closes shifts to asking readers to make a fundamental choice – to accept God and be prepared for a day of judgement.

Fritcha uses idiosyncratic capitalization to refer to God and certain virtues. Although she explains this choice in the introduction (“GOD, TRUTH and LOVE are fully capitalized…”), readers will likely find themselves more distracted than edified. Her examinations of prophetic stories and (sometimes extensively quoted) passages from scripture are less exegetical than inspirational, as she launches from them into her own musings on the nature of God or God’s relation to creation in the past, present, and future. Her goal, she notes, is to drive the reader to the Bible themselves so that they may arrive at their own understanding of what she would call TRUTH. In Apocalypse, readers will find a passionate cry to explore scripture combined with some specific biblical interpretation.

Takeaway: Christians seeking a passionate call to choose God will find it in Betsy Fritcha’s slightly idiosyncratic study of biblical prophecy.

Great for fans of: Dennis Mather’s What in the World Is Going to Happen, Jimmy Evans’ Tipping Point

Production grades
Cover: C-
Design and typography: C
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: B-
Marketing copy: C