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APOCALYPS TOMORROW Synopsis Physicist Bruce, dies in 2050. He himself is the posthumous storyteller and main character of this fiction presenting a bleak view of the world, one third of which has been destroyed by a cocktail of manmade global warming disasters , unprecedented, massive socio–political unrest, nuclear wars and asteroid impacts on the planet. An evacuee to a village where the government of his country has provided accommodation, Bruce is recruited by a new-world organization of so called Pilgrims who have set-up centres for the revival of learning for the survived youth with the view of nurturing a new generation of future leaders, as well as astrophysical research and study laboratories which are on the brink of solving mysterious communication phenomena with a deep space civilization. He starts his work both as a teacher and astrophysicist at the centre in Darkynell, the city where he once lived. After protracted experiments the deep space source is identified as planet Kepler-452b and the mysterious encrypted transmissions deciphered in that the arrival of a spaceship is announced, due to reach the solar system at the same time as a probe launched from earth is due to land on planet Mars. Arrangement s are made between NASA and the outer space travellers to have the probe from Earth and the spaceship rendezvous on Mars. On Mars the ten aliens of the space ship, physically not dissimilar from humans but exponentially more knowledgeable than humans, meet the five astronauts from Earth. To their amazement the astronauts learn that the aliens knew everything past, present and future about the earth when they announce that in three years time a massive asteroid is due to hit and totally destroy Earth and that they are benevolently lending a hand in developing huge settlements on Mars to relocate most of Earth’s population. But first, together with the five astronauts on board the spaceship which is capable of incredible speed, they land on Earth where they are introduced to the world leaders at the UN in New York to whom their plan is revealed. They announce that a number of other spaceships will arrive with special machinery and the necessary materials to build adequate structures to colonize Mars as life on Earth is bound to disappear. The plan, on condition that human beings commit themselves to peace and equality and never resort to war, is accepted. It is the dawn of a new human race on Planet Mars.