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Lathish Shankar
A diary entry of a ten-year-old school girl. Ashitha, a ten-year old school girl enjoys a good summer vacation with her friends Sanjana, Sreejith and Sachin. One day a new neighbor Abinav arrives to the next door. Very soon he established a friendship with all. Ashitha and Abinav became very close to each other. They played together, and often used to go cycling to the nearby beach. They used to have lots of fun there. The other friends used to tease her connecting her name with Abinav. When the school reopens, Abinav had to leave back to his native and this makes Ashitha sad. That saddest day was the day of her birthday. Though she got new dress and gifts on her birthday, instead of chilling out with her friends, Ashitha was upset terribly. Time goes on... Ashitha's father received a transfer and she too had to leave the place of their residence. After a long period of eighteen years, she once again happens to visit the same place with haunting nostalgic memories of her childhood... Will she be able to see all her old friends?